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Portglenone Men

Hi Michael,

Nice to see that big line up of Tigers and see 400 make it down. That photograph inside her showing the seats is great - look how clean and tidy it is inside?

Do you know Tiger 400 has a link with Portglenone?!!

400 use to operate quite a bit on service 127 which operates from Magherafelt - Ballymena via Portglenone so 400 should feel at home in its new Ballymena sub depot!

Us Portglenone men will keep 1274 good for you and 1313 as you said you would like these two. We will let you know when 1274 and 1313 go to Reserve.

Re: Portglenone Men

Hi all

Must agree that the line up of Tigers is excellent. It would put many bus operators to shame.

As for these twats that continue to slate what goes on at the Kells. They need to take a hard look at themselves. Those that help out Michael (including myself when I get over from Edinburgh) are getting sick and tired of the snipeing. The more people that come and get involved the quicker things will get done.

Best wishes


Re: Re: Portglenone Men

I must agree with Ken, to see those Tigers lined up is brilliant and imagine how much more could be achieved if those "armchair whingers" actually gave some of their time, to help the museum, instead of the constant moaning.

Keep up the good work, and may many more buses arrive.