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Mogeely Rally & Working few days - 19th to 22nd July

As Mogeely is on this weekend, I thought it would be a good thought to take a vehicle that was in service around Midleton for so long, back to its native roads and having a clear schedule for the few days allows this to happen.

Just in case anyone is interested I will be bringing Suzie (http://rivercourtcoaches904.mediaobject.co.uk/p51996137.html) down for the few days, leaving Wicklow at 5PM on Saturday afternoon, and anyone that would like to come down for the weekend are welcomed on board.

We have overnight accomodation on site for two people left, but more could be organised at a squeeze if need be. Its not a huge show, but the fact that I will be down will mean that some vehicles will be chugging around the depot, as well as a trip on the most famous Coach in the country. It is the first time the Butler family has seen Suzie since she was handed over last year (apart from the Vodafone ad!)

Anybody interested just drop me an email and we can arrange pick-ups etc. A small itinerary is below

Depart Wicklow: 17.00
Arrive Cork: 21.45

Staying down until Tuseday departing at 16.45.
Transport to the Airport or Bus/rail stations will be available to anyone who might want to head home a bit earlier.

We have a couple of people arranged to be down as well as some traveling from England so it should be more than interesting to see what comes to life this weekend, as well as the morning fry-up!


Re: Mogeely Rally & Working few days - 19th to 22nd July

would you not bring kd184? whats this most famous coach lark?

KD 184 will take a year to fully restore - Stephens Bedford is perfect for Mogeely

Jim Jim is afraid to give his email. People who are afraid to sign their names are really of no use to preservation.

However to answer his question. KD 184 needs considerable work. Anything we take to a rally we want in perfect condition. Jim Jim - to judge from his sneering attitude - would be the first to complain if she was not in pristine condition. KD 184 is a long way from that but we will get there.

As regards Stephens Bedford she is the ideal candidate for Mogeely as she is arguably the only Bedford to have spent her entire working life around Mogeely which makes her both unique and the ideal candidate for the rally. Likewise the other Bedford going.

We resent snide remarks like "famous coach lark". If you knew the amount of work that goes into getting buses ready for a rally you would not believe it. We did not notice Jim Jim offering his services to help prepare any of them. Why is it that only in Ireland do we have - generally anonymous - begrudgers? In a way it is very sad.

Anyhow come to Mogeely and enjoy yourselves and if Jim Jim wants to meet me I would welcome it.

Michael Grimes