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Some information on the latest purchase Leyland Tiger 400

Some information on Leyland Tiger 400.

Leyland Tiger 400 was allocated new to Magherafelt Depot along with its sisters 401 - 403. When new 400 carried registration FXI 400. It spend all its days with Ulsterbus allocated to Magherafelt Depot. It would have been allocated the odd time to Cookstown Depot but mainly stayed in Magherafelt Depot.

Don't know anything about Tiger 1000.

Re: Some information on the latest purchase Leyland Tiger 400

400 was new to Magherafelt on 1st April 1985. It was part of the FXI batch of Tigers from 380 - 419. When new 400 was registered FXI 400.

On arrival of new Scania low floor 2430, Tiger 400 was re-registered KEZ 3555.

400 remained in service at Magherafelt all its working days until withdrawal on the 31st January 2008.


Tiger 1000 was new to Craigavon on the 26th September 1986. It remained at Craigavon until the 21st January 2008 when it transferred to Newtownards where it stayed until withdrawal on the 29th February 2008.

When new 1000 carried registration IXI 1000 but it was recently re-registered SEZ 9973 so its old number could be used for 124.