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Still No Ulsterbus Express Tigers

With all these recent Tiger deliveries I see the Kells Transport Museum still does not have an Express Tiger ie the likes of 369, 460, 1130 or 1133.

As part of any Tiger collection this is a must and leaves a major gap in preservation circles if this is not filled.

Re: Still No Ulsterbus Express Tigers

Fergus has a valid point but from our perspective there are may other factors to be taken into consideration.

First, second, third and last is mechanical condition. We simply have no knowledge of condition and we rely implicitly on Ulsterbus for the selection of vehicles and to date what they have chosen has been superb. Arguably we could end up with 100 Tigers with everyone having a good reason for its selection but that is impossible and unreasonable. For good or for bad we have decided to have between 18 and 20. Funds here are not unlimited and getting Ulsterbus Tigers means there is not that money available for others and perhaps more deserving vehicles. It is all a question of balance and we try to strike a reasonable balance.

For example the unusual Tiger we got yesterday 88 C 13623 is one of only four ever built for Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Many people would argue that we should go for variety rather than a lot of Ulsterbus Tigers.

What I would say to Fergus is that if he has a candidate Tiger then let us know either directly on this board or directly to busmuseum@hotmail.com the number of the machine, where it is now, its mechanical condition and its current status, i.e. in service, reserve etc.

I can assure him that every suggestion is carefully followed up and the bus checked out. The buses he mentioned I have neve heard of so can we have the details.

And thanks to Fergus and everyone else who takes an interest in what we do and helps us. We could not manage without it and as the police say "every bit of information, no matter how small, is appreciated".

Michael Grimes