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Re: Hamill takes even more Tigers

I agree it is a shame to see such beautiful machines being scrapped and we are well aware of the situation.

We are working very closely with Ulsterbus to preserve a representative collection and so far have not done badly.

We have 340 385 598 1122 1143 2604 2620 2624 and 2629.

Our next candidates are:

1 x 4XX
1 x 10XX
1 x 12XX
1 x 13XX
1 x 14XX
1 x 2635+

That will be eighteen machines which we think is unique to have so many preserved in one place.

So do not worry, we are fully aware but want to make sure the museum gets machines that last one hundred years.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Hamill takes even more Tigers

The amount of spares that could be salvaged from the tigers being scrapped could be phenomenal.
Lights, glass, seats, axles, driveshafts etc etc, plus the tiger specific items that could be used.

If your target of 18 is achieved Michael, then the parts from the above pictured buses alone would be invaluable

Re: Re: Re: Hamill takes even more Tigers

well if yous plan to go to hamills i would move fast as Ulsterbus will probably have most of the 12xx's off by this time next year so Hamill will have to start breaking them eventually