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Re: Re: KD 184

If i knew i could secure a job over in Cork and get accomadation, i would gladly be over. This would also mean i could help on a lot more projects at the museum on a regular basis and gain more experience.

Just fed up with working for Firstbus after recent fiasco's. Then driving in Edinburgh is a joke, not only is the council happy to cause chaos by digging up the main routes in the town for the forthcoming trams, knowing the traffic problems this is causing they are also embarking on major roadworks at the main arteries heading into the town thus totally gridlocking Edinburgh.

It's not uncommon to now be coming off your bus two hours late, then trying to claim the overtime is a joke as First look at ways to try not to pay it.


Re: Re: Re: KD 184

Just been on the receiving end of a phone call of KD184 having just burst into life once again. According to reports from Stephen, she's starting from her own batteries (some interior lights are working also) and is running very sweet indeed!

A new set of wheels and it'll be running around the yard in no time


Re: Re: Re: Re: KD 184

what would the cost be to put KD184 and D711 back into good condition?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: KD 184

getting kd 184 into pristine condition would give the two fingers up to all those who criticise the museum and to those who destroyed it in the first place

KD 184 back from the dead

Well, live from Cork once again, a vehicle that was disputed to never run again has come back to life, starting and idling on her own and driving with a flat back tyre, she moved seven feet forward this morning about half 6, and amazingly very little is seeming to be wrong with the electronics, as she is selecting all gears from the cab!

We can add her to the list of vehicles now, along with E106 & R913, anyone fancy 711?

Re: KD 184 back from the dead

well lads i gotta hand it to ye. when I was in the museum about this time last year I honestly thought 184 could or would ever see even a dashboard light ever again. thats amazing keep up the good work!

looking foreward to another visit perhaps in late july early august?


Re: Re: KD 184 back from the dead

well goes to show it just needs to be rebuilt . not just added to a list and parked up to rot . being a cork based museum kd 184 should be a priority

Re: Re: Re: KD 184 back from the dead

It takes more than 'saying' it needs to be rebuilt for a project of KD184's magnitude!

For a major restoration like that, a endless flow of money is required, as well as a dedicated team of individuals - myself and Stephen are frequently down, but it needs a much larger team to get it complete in a realistic timescale.

Aside from that, the resources in the yard in Cork are presently limited. Limited mainly as we have been waiting for the sheds to be erected before filling them with tools and equipment.

And also, other vehicles have to come into consideration. As Michael stated, time has to be allocated to each vehicle for periodical maintenance and if possible a quick run around the grounds.


Re: Re: Re: Re: KD 184 back from the dead

I never stop being amazed by this Pain fella. Expert on everything. Do you remember the old joke? Whats that smell? Sniff Sniff! ITS BULL %^&*.

KD 184 was taken off as the gbox packed up, and MG106 was towed in from Fermoy, Why? cos the engine packed up! A liar needs and long memory and Pain my nasal chum you dont have one.

Tom Forde and KD 184 and its problems

I never cease to be amazed by some of the comments on this board.

KD 184 had a gearbox problem when withdrawn but as far as we know it was really low oil as she seems fine now since we worked on her. But what does it matter? Stephen worked on her, got her going and she goes.

Equally we got MG 106 from Capwell and as far as we know she does not have an engine problem. Having said that we have not started her recently but she was got for spares to keep 56 and 76 running and she will fulfil that function perfectly.

But I think snide comments are out of place especially that 184 is running again following Stephens rebuilding of E 106 and getting R 913 on the road again. Very few people could achieve that and we think it is a major achievement as these are major historic machines as indeed is KD 184. His expertise on the older engines is, in my view, unrivalled.

Tom Fordes comment that Stephen is a liar is totally unwarranted and should be withdrawn. We do not propose to be complete experts on the previous history of our machines but we always on the web tell the truth as it is.

It is inevitable that in dealing with previous histories one will have incorrect information as one person will say one thing and one another but we do strive to be accurate. Memory plays strange tricks and certainly when it comes to dealing with events twenty years ago about buses many peoples - including my own - memory can not be 100% and all one can do is try and sort through available information, much of it coming from peoples memories, and try and arrive at the the truth. The fact that one gets something wrong does not mean they are lying.

We only wish that people like Tom Forde would stop making nasty remarks and come and help us here then things would move a lot faster. He could always help in the rebuild of 184.

Stephen Payne has worked miracles here since he took over as Chief Engineer and we certainly in the museum appreciate it.

Perhaps Tom would enlighten us as to what his particular gripe with Stephen is and what it has to do with the restoration of KD 184.

Michael Grimes

KD 184

Congratulations on getting 184 going again , I too had this bus written off as wreckage , I must say I look forward to seeing her as I remember in service at a rally at some point in the future (I spent a lot of time with KD 184 during her service life) who knows , once work gets underway I might even come over to pitch in myself if needed
Well done to all involved
P.S. you should take great pleasure at the jealousy being stirred up by having the only surviving non-Dublin KD

Re: KD 184 back from the dead

Folks, my dad worked in Bombardier and GAC and I have fond memories of these buses. Congrats and well done on KD184. These are my favourite buses of all time and have become a bit of a bus enthusiast. Your site is one I keep an eye on and i am a fan of the excellent work you all do with K series buses. Looking forward to more updates in near future and would love to one day see a KD / KC / KR / KE lineup together. 2 (kr+kc) done, 1 (kd) running and 1 (ke) to do.