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General Thinking re next Tigers. We still need your help. Where is 2609?

First of all we are most grateful to everyone for their contributions to helping us secure the best TL11 Tigers that are available.

We have set out our stall re what we think we want to round off our Tiger collection and this I repeat:

1 x 2600 Gardner
1 x 4XX
2 x 12XX
2 X 13XX
2 x 14xx
2 x 2635+

The problem is which ones. It is accepted that Ballymena is one of the best depots but while this may be true it does not mean that all Ballymena Tigers are superb as were 1122 and 1143.

Every depot has good and bad buses and despite everyones best efforts any bus can have inherent defects that nobody knows about. After all they are about twenty years old! 1140 was the classic of this and it was fortunate that she was checked before delivery. She had a superb maintenance record, seemed to run well and yet the engine was ready to blow. Hence her replacement by 1143.

The key to the situation is first and foremost you people in the north who haven given us invaluable information. We start with that information and then follow up. If a bus like 1130 is recommended fine but if someone then - or of course two people - say she is not up to our standard then we cross her off the list. We then try and narrow the list down and we do not want to waste peoples time in Ulsterbus who have been more than generous and helpful and after we are pretty close to a selection do we ask for to check that particular bus. At that stage unless there is something major the said bus normally passes the test.

Right now the situation is that there are only three prospective candidates in 449, 1274 and 2609. 1274 is not due off for sometime so no hurry there.

We do not know either where 2609 is or for what reason she was taken out of service. Can anyone provide this information?

With regard to 449 can anyone update us on what sort of condition she is in? She seems the only 400 candidate but may not be that good. re there are other 400 candidates?

And finally keep coming with your list of candidates and your views on them. Every contribution is carefully considered and thanks for them. We wish it was the same with Bus Eireann.

And don't forget July 20 is Ulsterbus weekend in Cork at our depot and if anyoen wants to come and drive some, then just fine. We will have at least Two Tigers and probably a Leopard at Mogeely rally so come to this wonderful rural rally.

Finally, re Mk 1 Goldliners. We see no hurry on these but they are on our list. It is the Tiger which is an endangered species and have to be dealt with first.

Michael Grimes

Re: General Thinking re next Tigers. We still need your help. Where is 2609?

2609 is parked in Short Strand depot and looks to be quite tidy - the guys in the Strand said it is easy fixed as they just wanted something a bit newer to do school work in.

449 is in Newtownabbey and would be one of the best 4xx Tigers. It and 400 would be the best choice.