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Ulsterbus Mark 1 Goldliner

I see with all the proposed Ulsterbus vehicles for the Kells Transport Museum that no Mark 1 Goldliners have been included - have all these not now been withdrawn from the Ulsterbus Driving School?

518 and 524 would be good ones but Phill will probably say there are better ones lying in Hamills (I don't think so Phill?

Re: Ulsterbus Mark 1 Goldliner

Theres are no TE's in hamills. All I was simply saying that 440 is a better bus than some tigers from other depots. Some of the tigers lying at
Hamills are in good order and could have been saved, some werent in great order and should be there.

there are other buses out there that are in a better state than some of the BM ones. I personally think 1130 had seen better days but micheal is the one with the money and the one buying the buses so it is his choice I was simply voicing my opinon.

Re: Re: Ulsterbus Mark 1 Goldliner

Don't see much wrong with 1130 Phill.

It is better shape than 1135.

Re: Ulsterbus Mark 1 Goldliner

Probably cause the asking price is still a bit too high for those ons - i should know, i asked.!!!!!

It's a type of design that was more xcommon over here in Scotland, hence why i asked.