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Leyland Leopard 9393AI

9393AI was originally UNW30M new to Wallace Arnold in 1974.

Her last UK operator was Scutt of Owston Ferry in Lincolnshire, she had passed to Doyle of Roundwood (Co Wicklow) by May 87

Re: Leyland Leopard 9393AI

Just to add to what Andy has said above, the first operator over here was Carolan, Nobber Co. Meath hence the Meath registration. It had passed to St. Kevins within a year. Also at first glance while this coach might look like a Supreme IV it is in fact a Panorama Elite III, from 1979 it was fairly common to graft a Supreme IV front on to older Plaxton Supremes and Panorama Elites to make them look more modern.

Leyland Leopard 9393AI

Hi All,

Some wires has gotten crossed about this and this vehicle is actually part of the MVPSI Stock list. This bus is currently under attention as we have been looking for either a good home for her or somone to recondition her in our workshops.

We were hoping to get time to do this vehicle up but just havent seen idle hands since we opened our new depot.

She has recently been serviced, and is excellent mechanical condition, the interior needing some slight work and a tidy on the outside.

Anyone interested in her please contact us at info@motorpreservationireland.org