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Ex-Ulsterbus Leyland Tiger No. 598

You are looking for some history on this vehicle.

New to Shearings and first registered on 1.04.1985 as B310 UNB. It is a Leyland Tiger 245 with a 6 speed ZF manual gearbox, Leyland chassis code TRCT11LT/3RZ, chassis number 8400914, Van Hool Alizee H C57F body (non-reclining seats). Bought by Ulsterbus from Plaxton Sales, Anston, Sheffield in January 1990. Reregistered RXI 5598.
Placed in service on 1.04.90 at Belfast Glengall Street (Tour Pool) for Private Hire, Stand Tours and Express duties. Transferred to Dungannon 1.07.1991 (as depot coach); transferred to Active Reserve 29.10.2001; transferred to Driving School, Belfast 12.11.2001; withdrawn for disposal 30.06.2007.

From this you will see it had nearly 12 years with Ulsterbus on coaching work before spending over 5 1/2 years in the Driving School although as a full PSV it would occasionally have still been used for coach duties during this time.

Hope this is of help.

Re: Ex-Ulsterbus Leyland Tiger No. 598

i drove this vehicle in dungannon on p/hire and tours it had seen a lot of ireland and gb with us.
it was agreat goer but a lot of drivers could not manage the manual gbox hence a number of clutches fitted. it left us for driving school. i may have some photos while in dg give me a few days to hunt for them