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LA 6 13 29 &37

Whats the story with LA 6 13 29 & 37 ?

Re: LA 6 13 29 &37

No story really. LA 13 and LA 37 wll be fully restored and are in that process. LA 6 and 29 are in such appalling condition they will probably be scrapped.

We plan new seats for LA 13 and 37 off scrap Tigers.

Do you know what seats they carried originally?

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: LA 6 13 29 &37

Most likely they where the Dual Purpose seats with the black or brown cloth will be a shame to see LA6 &29 going

Re: Re: Re: LA 6 13 29 &37

You cannot win them all and our 319, 326, 337 and 338 are so perfect it would be a shame to scrap them. Hard choices have to be made and Bus Eireann really wrecked them. With two survivors of the batch we cannot really complain.

the same applies to the Bus Eireann Re's which are also in a dreadful condition and again this time we have selected three and scrap one.

One cannot save the world.

By the way, Paul what would be your choices for the next Tigers to be saved?

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Re: Re: LA 6 13 29 &37

Well i have seen some buses what where in a very bad way put right as for tigers any tiger would be good better than scraping it


From what i can gather from your head enginner LA29 (ulsterbus 1926) has been broken up already, could i have this confirmed or denied as this is a vechile am quite intrested in

Re: LA29

Unfortunately you won't be interested any longer! Sad, but true!

Mcihael Grimes