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Ulsterbus and Citybus Tigers

We are studing our Ulsterbus Tiger situation and would welcome comments as to where we go from here.

Currently we have Ulsterbus 340 and 385 both TL 11 powered and in superb condition, almost like new.

We have 2620 in the yard with 2624 due shortly, both Gardner powered. These are also in A1 condition.

What next?

Our thinking is to acquire two more Citybus and five more Ulsterbus and use one for scrap to replace parts on the Tigers which had parts stolen.

This would really preserve the Tiger which for so long was a major part of Northern Ireland transport. We have four superb Ulsterbus Leopards and two not so superb, but which will be fully restored, which represents that genre. We have a Bedford and many Bristol RE's so all in all we have a representative collection.

We are extremely pleased to be able to say that we have managed to preserve so much of our northern neighbours vehicles and will do our best to keep them in the condition that Pat Moss gave them to us. Pat really deserves the credit for our collection and we are grateful to him.

Michael Grimes

Re: Ulsterbus and Citybus Tigers

I dont bealieve that there are many Citybus N types left, there are 2 lying in the roatry yard in Duncrue Street and 2 that were in use by Metro in the Short Strand.

I bealieve that both the citybus ones that were in use at the Short Stand were withdrawn due to mechanical problems, hopefully Howard or someone else may be able to help with this


Re: Re: Ulsterbus and Citybus Tigers

Thanks to Phil for his help.

Can anyone assist as to what N type Citybus are around that are in reasonable condition?

Michael Grimes