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Status of Atlantean Brighton 12 TYJ 12S

Just wondered what the current status of Brighton 12 is? I assume its still minus a lid from its open top tours of Dublin. Any plans to revert (I wont use the restore word as from reading back over the posts from the last 2 years you dont restore the buses, you keep them running and in use which is how I feel they should be) it back to its original condition?

My interest comes from probably travelling on said bus when it was operating in Brighton many times


Re: Status of Atlantean Brighton 12 TYJ 12S

With regard to Brighton 12 there are absolutely no plans to do anything to her in the near future other than possibly a repaint in Brighton colours in four or five years time if we ever get our paint shop up and running.

She is in absolutely A1 condition.

If you want a ride in her then come on over and visit us and you will be welcome. If you can drive buses we will let you drive her.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Status of Atlantean Brighton 12 TYJ 12S

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. Been doing a bit of research on the net and its a shame there are not many more ex Brighton Corp Transport buses still about, from what I can find I think TJY 9S survived as well and there is a small chance of a National 2 still surviving but trail has gone dead on that one.

Thanks for the offer of a visit, if I ever find myself in the area I will see if I can pop in. And thanks for the offer of having a drive, unfortunatley I never took the plunge and got a PSV/PCV licence :(


Re: Re: Status of Atlantean Brighton 12 TYJ 12S

I am a current Bus driver working for Brighton and Hove. Im also a very keen enthuiast in any Brighton vehicles.
I nearly bought TYJ 4s off Phil Blair last year but he wanted a bit too much for her.
I read your emails and I would really like to come over and see TYJ 12s and if the offer of a drive was there that would be great.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks and best wishes
David Grimstone