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Bedford MCH351W is MCH352W

Bedford MCH351W is actually MCH352W, which Kenny uncovered last night while cross checking body/chassis plates.

MCH351W, which started out life with the NCB at Nottingham with Sister MCH352W, seems to have the chassis & body plates from it's sister. It is therefor practical to assume both buses at some point (possibly when under repair together) have had their registrations mixed up when re-applied.


Re: Bedford MCH351W is MCH352W


I am the former owner of this bus and imported it from Wales. I have to admit I never checked the chassis number which is printed in the cab if I remember correctly. The body plate is stuck losely there as well. Does this chassis number actually match the one on the chassis? This bus went from the Coal Board to Andrews of Sheffield before moving over to Wales. These twins were never together after their NCB days so any switch must have taken place there. You will notice that this bus apart from the livery is in totally original condition. The other one is preserved by the Rhymney Valley group in Wales if you fancy checking the chassis number (!) but is not as original having a destination box fitted amongst other modifications.


Re: Re: Bedford MCH351W is MCH352W

Hi Simon,

I need to speak with Kenny regarding the cab plate, but IIRC Kenny obtained the chassis number from the one on the chassis itself, not the cab.