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666 XPI

I see you have acquired 666 XPI, I often travelled on her when she was operated by o sullivans of kildorrey, having previously i think been operated by o sullivans of cullen. It was operated by o sullivans (kdy) from around the mid 1990's, and was often used on tour work and school outings . sometimes it was used to fill in on school runs in place of the usual bedford supreme or volvo viewmaster but was a bit too high for rural roads getting bashed by overhanging branches I remember it as being very quiet and comfortable and that it was missing some of its double glazing having only single panes in places
It was re painted and re trimmed in the late 1990's with the colourful trim she has now previously having a blue and light grey trim with vertical stripes and blue carpet I remember this trim being rather worn on the edges before it was replaced.

people often passed comment on its reg. the 666 being considered unusual with satanic connotations!!
have you come across any other ex o sullivans vehicles,? I often travelled on 82 C 948 bedford plaxton supreme, and volvo plaxton viewmaster 80 C 408(i think) also bedford Vanhool 35 HZJ?

keep up the good work!

Re: 666 XPI

Thanks your kind comments. Come and visit her anytime and drive her if you want.

We have no other O'Sullivan vehicles that I know of but we have so many now anything is possible.


Michael Grimes