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For those of us in the UK and have an interest in what you are doing it would be helpful if you could signpost a location map on your site. Then we would know which airport to land at and come and see you. I am in Ireland in August but I am not sure that a visit will be on the agenda then. It will be my honeymoon.

Re: Location

The museum itself is based in Cork, but we have a workshop in Dublin also, and we nearly always have a convoy travelling down each weekend to the main depot in Cork.

As a matter of fact, I am leaving Dublin on Friday afternoon if anyone would like to come down and give a hand, I can meet at any rail, bus or air depot.

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Thanks to that posting, every unscrupulous persons wanting to swipe parts or harm the museum now knows where to come.!!!!!!

Thanks a bloody lot.

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Why is there such a big SECRET about the bus Yard location

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nothing to look at

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If you think about it, like all the things that have recently happened to the measum, eg

buses being crashed,
parts being stolen etc

then you can understand why the KTM was trying to keep quite its location, all it would take is one person to look those cordinates up and try to break in,

as a preservationist myself i understand why they wanted this kept quite, but theres always some clampt that will go and open there mouth and let the cat out of the bag.


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Thanks Phil, what you have stated is exactly why i was annoyed about.

Yes, there has been thefts and damage having been done at the museum, so much so that we are having to look at new proceedures for security and access to the museum grounds. Problem is, just when you think you are getting on top of any thefts/damage, the most determined usually find other ways to get circumvent what we are implementing.

By posting these co-ordinates, which anyone can now input into Google Earth and find the museum, it is going to give those unscrupulous persons out there that read this board, an invitation to come down to the museum grounds to either cause further damage becasue they have an axe to grind with Michael, or because they want access to parts for nothing.!!!!

Garage Cat

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Well I just hope people coming down to acquire parts don't meet me, Im not a very nice person when it comes to trespassing, plenty of empty bus luggage holds anyway...