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SB5/NJM2BZO chassis. Axle weights?

Hello people,
I hope you can help me.
I realise this is going back a bit.
I am the owner of a 1970's Marshall bodied ex-MOD bus on a Bedford SB5/NJM2BZO chassis fitted with a 330 cubic inch diesel motor and a wheelbase of 5486mm. I am in the process of registering this vehicle in Holland, technically everything is OK, I only have a problem that the axle weight plate is not to be found, maybe due to the fact that it was built for the MOD for use in West Germany. I only have a couple of weeks to find this info before having to pay for changes to be made at a later date and driving with a very much restricted weight allowance of only 650 kilos over an unladen weight of 6500 kilos when the G.V.W. is I think about 9000 kilos.
Would you have any idea where I can lay my hands on documentation stating the axle weights or a copy of such documentation, please.
I understand from research that I have done that there is no requirement in the UK for buses to display axle weights and only the G.V.W. is normally displayed. Would you know if this true?

Thank you,

Willie Morrison.