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1978 Leyland Leopard, Buetec Altonator systems


I own a 1978 Leyland Leopard with an Alexander X type body. This has a Buetec altonator system, this has recently been giving me problems, I have had several electricans look at the bus but no one has an idea what is wrong with the system, do you no or can you put me in contact with someone that no's about these systems and were they can go wrong,

The bus has a recon Buetec altonator and regualor, new master switch (Isolator) and 4 full charged 6 volt battries,

If anyone could help me please contact me at



Re: 1978 Leyland Leopard, Buetec Altonator systems

Id say you could have a small earthing problem with the alternator or regulator cables. Try tracing back over the cables as they may have been worn down and shorting, or have been broken inside the cable itself.

Otherwise you could try a re-wire. Had a similar problem in a 1994 Dennis Dart and the whole vehicle had to be re-wired to solve the problem.

FAO Stephen Payne


Can you send me your E-mail addy again as i have misplaced it.

Just send it to garage_cat@blueyonder.co.uk