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Fleetlist Corrections No. 1 of maybe 1,000!

Ye Gods! Thanks very much for the corrections. Certainly 469 is an Alexander body as is her twin 467 and I just cannot imagine how that Gremlin crept in.

The terrible thing is that these errors unless corrected, become perpetuated, and subsequently treated as fact and I am indeed very grateful for your corrections and they have been inserted in the web page.

Nottingham 616 and 645 are indeed East Lancs and our own master list shows this, so it must have happened in copying them onto the web. Again thanks for the correction.

Leopard CSF 158W is an Alexander PSU3F/4R ex Scottish Fife if I remember correctly, but I stand to be corrected and would appreciate confirmation of its original fleet history. I will look at her when down the depot this morning and check the model and report back.

As regards Leopard 4831 she is a Willowbrook PSU3E/4R and carries registration HIL 8436 (latest) and was BVP 794V prior. I have no knowledge of her history and help as usual appreciated.

Again my thanks and if you send your name and address to me at busmuseum@hotmail.com I will make you a free honorary member and send you a few calendars.

Michael Grimes