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Heritage buses

I am not a frequent viewer to this site, however I was shocked by the comments of the site regarding staff of Bus Eireann. Right or not it is not the place to air bad linen.
As I recall the Bus on question was originally D 454 ,a Leyland PDR2 Atlantean with Metsec bodywork.To call the bus a piece of heritage is however overstating somewhat. The current bus is I believe a Daf powered vehicle and no doubt various other changes have been made.Therfore a 'hybrid'
I speak as an experienced Fleet Engineer, including Buckinghamshire County Council, now with DAF operation in the U.K and in total over forty years in the business, all in the U.K. that said however, I am a Dubliner and I have been very active over the years in & encouraging bus preservation and related interests in Ireland and the UK. I would add that us FEW over have not been armchair boys either and I spearheaded with Gary Manahan and others the transport of Leyland OPD2/1 no. R788 to England and Wales (Heritage he says, NOW THERE'S A BUS) I maintained this bus up to full MOT STANDARDS as required by the U.K Vehicle Inspectorate I personally drove and maintained the bus while in our care.
To become agressive to this degree over a "new" 1974 Leyalnd bus is not becoming.I understand it is one mans meat etc., but I recently seen pictures of an old friend of mine ex bus R 827 in Cork with preservationists and it was a disgrace I was shocked at its condition. No doubt you guys up in Co.Meath would agree. So remember this is a hobby and none of us get PAID either so let's us not get hot and abusive, as my old Dad used to say "Its like tinkers fightin'"
Don E. Brook