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83 WW 194

Ford Plaxton Paramount bodied 53 seater

Can anyone help on this vehicles history. Asfar as I have found out she was last operated by P.J Digan of Athy co. Kildare and was brought into the country before him by Tony Doyle coaches of Enniskerry.

Any help would be appreciated

Re: 83 WW 194 - You Should See How well she looks!

Stephen and Aaron during the working weekend dug her out of hibernation, washed her and polished her both inside and outside and she looks like a new vehicle. I will put photos on main page shortly.

Our thanks to Stephen and Aaron for a superb job.

Michael Grimes

Re: 83 WW 194

Would have be of help if you actually quoted both a body & chassis number, not it's Irish registration. It's registration is no use in tracking it's original ID

Re: Re: 83 WW 194

No problem Ross, ill take a look at it and post it up.

Re: Re: Re: 83 WW 194

Not a problem Stephen, it does help a lot, especially if i have both.

Then again, look at the trouble it caused with the two Atlanteans wih my curious nature matching chassis & body plates up to original registrations.


Re: Re: Re: Re: 83 WW 194

There is a small brief photo feature on the vehicle on the MVPSI website.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 83 WW 194

Ah, i know the coach now. I photographed it after 'myself & Kenny' dug it out of hibernation and parked it down in the lower yard next to the Dodge/Renault thingy as this was one of the coaches blocking MSF469P in. Very curious though to Why Stephen & Aaron are getting credited with bringing it out of hibernation though.!!!!!!! It took us over an hour to get this thing eventually started and bleed the fuel through the system.

Anyway, the photo is in my unarchived section awaiting details to add and i have the photographs of both chassis & body plates. these being:

Chassis: sfasxxbcrsc117990
Body: 83.11FD PIC.005

And from this i can tell you it is a Plaxton bodied Ford R1115 example, new to Yeowart of Whitehaven on 11/83 registered as XAO135Y.

Ross Aitken