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Re : KC 109

No KC 109 is not in our fleet in that she had a tragic ending and was totally destroyed down Waterford way.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re : KC 109

There must be something wrong with my eye sight.


Re: Re: Re : KC 109

Come to think about it, i did not recall seeing 109 when i was over at the beginning of the month there, although it was there on the visit before that.

Even stranger is the fact i do not know whom actually owns/owned 109 either as while i originally thought Michael had aqured it, it seems it may have been on loan.

Re: Re: Re : KC 109

kc109 is owned by f.dempsey i just what point this out he has nothing to hide all michael grimes put nother over kc109 to make it kc129 francis doesnt like what was going with messages going attacking and make worse for other perservation who do fine job plus you do not here them going they keep there bussiness to them selfs . john you where right kc109 is there