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the 4 REs

What are the fleet numbers of the 4 RELLs and were about were they stored ??

The 4 RE's are ... well, you ain't going to find out!

Obviously our four RE's have started comment and everyone wants to know what four. Equally I think a number of our readers do not believe me but tough.

We are not going to disclose their identies until they are safely in the depot as there is many a slip on the way and it is a long way from a Northern Ireland Bus depot to Cork and an RE is not a happy creature undertaking that length of trip. Getting four of them safely down is a major operation, indeed but we are confident we will manage it.

I cannot tell readers how delighted we are over this acquisition as we got in on the tail end of the RE's and as they are such beautiful machines and are now gone for ever, the finding and getting of these is a miracle indeed but a welcome miracle.

In my view one of the most glorious sounds in life is the sound of a Gardner of an RE at full bore coming out of Cork tunnel re-echoing off the walls.

Michael Grimes

All will be revealed in due course and of course with the usual photographs.

Now can anyone help and tell me how many different liveries the RE's did have in service and photos would be welcome as with four coming in we have the luxury of being able to apply different liveries.

We are not very knowledgeable down here when it comes to Ulsterbus and I thought there was only one Ulsterbus RE livery as I thought only one Citybus which is on 2531. We really would appreciate help here. Ulsterbus did minor livery changes over the years but we have no idea if the RE's got changes.

Re: The 4 RE's are ... well, you ain't going to find out!

you have:

MK1 ulsterbus, like 2589
MK2 Ulsterbus, like 2583
Translnik, like 2449

Citybus MK1, 2306 when complete and 2415 (duel door)
Citybus MK2, 2446 when complete
Translink, 2531

Phil Knows More Than I Do!

Thanks for your e-mail Phil but it has me totally puzzled.

Are you suggesting six liveries or are you telling me the type of RE's we have got as my understanding is that all four are very late models, one of them apparently one of the last in service - I myself have not seen them yet but they are currently being prepared as dormancy always has some latent problem and we want to make sure they are ready for the road and as usual a tribute to Ulsterbus and their maintenance.

If you are suggesting six different liveries that is fabulous except I do not know the difference and if someone could give me some photos of each livery that would be super. Send photos to busmuseum@hotmail.com.

It is our intention to paint all four immediately on arrival if it is required so we have four super looking RE's and of course 2531 in its Translink.

I should have added that with regard to the two operational Bus Eireann we will probably keep those in that livery and 2187 will make up the sixth of the Northern batch. She definitely is early Ulsterbus but her paint job is pretty good.

Phuil you have a pretty good collection of photos so could you help please and any further comments welcome.

Michael Grimes

Re: Phil Knows More Than I Do!

am saying there 6 different liveries, the fleet numbers i had put beside them are vechiles that are in the livery. I will take a look threw my photos that arent online yet and see what i have got

Re: Re: Phil Knows More Than I Do!

So Michael your saying these four res are in an Translink depot?

Re: Ulsterbus RE Liveries.

Thanks Phil for your livery notes on the RE and I think your six are a superb selection and that is what we will aim at.

It would, in my view, be absolutely wonderful to have seven liveries here - six Ulsterbus and one Bus Eireann and to be able to line the fleet up.

In the interim we would welcome photos and please send them to busmuseum@hotmail.com.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Ulsterbus RE Liveries.

Michael are you saying these res are in some Translink depot?