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Atlantean ID Crisis solved.

As some of you are aware, i posted a comment in the identity of Nottingham Atlantean 645 (78KE560) as i discovered a fleetnumber of 571 under he paintwork and that it had an older style front end as well similar to what 571 should have but 645 should not have - well i was right, 78KE560 is 571 and 74KE527 is actually 645.

Lokking at 78KE560 i discovered that it was fitted with a chassis plate stating that this vehicle was no: 7801915, the chassis no allocated to Nottingham 645 (ARC645T). Not happy with this due to the fact that the chassis plate was not a genuine Leyland plate, i set about looking for the actual alternative stamping of the chassis number on the frame - this was duly found and read that the chassis number was 7303178 which was allocated to Nottingham 571 (OTO571M). So i was right, this was 571 as thought.

As Michael also has 74KE527, which is actually supposed to be Nottingham 571, i whet up to check the ID of this as if a swap had occurred, this could be 645. Immediately i noticed that it's front end was that of a later example (recessed headlamps) and on checking the chassis plate, this old me hat it was no: 7303178 as allocated to 571 (OTO571M). Again, this plate was not a genuine Leyland plate so as before i set out to locate the stamping on the frame and found it to have the chassis number of 7801915 stamped on it as allocated to Nottingham 645 (ARC645T).

So somewhere down the line before Michael aquire them, the ID's have been switched for some reason. This is not the first time that this has happened in Ireland with two open tops as it happened with an old Lothian BFS--L & Grampian HRS---V example years ago.