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Nationals spending most of their life in Ireland

With regard to Nationals they were the mainstay at Dublin Airport for far longer than their initial life with the U.K. operator so they are highly relevant to Ireland.

If you insist on Irish Buses only you are left with Bombardier and nothing else so it would not be much of a museum with them only. Furthermore we are far larger than any UK museum and we have a far larger collection of British Buses and does it really matter what country they are in? It's a bit like saying County Clare should not have County Dublin buses, forgetting the fact that we are all in one country known as the EU.

And what gives Brian the idea our buses are not in good nick? He has never visited us has no idea what our facilities are and in my view is an armchair general. How many buses has he in his collection and what are they as I am sure our readers would like to share the information? If he has none he is in no position to criticise.

For example this weekend we have done fabulous work and I have just come from hard work with Colum Lydon in that we washed KC 157 which had ten years of dirt on the roof.It took three hours believe it or not for both of us. She is now ready for painting and will join KC 129 in our prime KC collection. We are now working on KC 152, 153, 159, 160 and 169 as well as KC 35 to bring them all back to service condition. Is that a bad thing?

Maybe Brian might come down next weekend and help us do the next one!

Anyhow we are a european museum, we collect european buses which INCLUDES Irish ones and that is that.

Michael Grimes



do you stip the paint off the panels or are you just paint over the old paint, and dose the museum brush or spray paint the buses

Re: Nationals spending most of their life in Ireland


I'm afraid I and others do not share some of your views (personal and political). Support for what you are doing for preservation is certainly limited due to your opinions and actions (source: This message board). You are not a registerd museum and your persistence against government and local council will not yeild you any recognition or funding..

Brian Griffin