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Scrap Bus pics up

Hi all,

Just uploaded pics from my visit to Dunsmores Bus BreaKERS TO MY SITE.

Please feel free to take a look.

Re: Scrap Bus pics up

Hi, are all the pictures on this link of buses being scrapped??? Or have they been salvaged. The reason I ask is becauses theres many decent salvagable vehicles present, and having seen an article on the Van Hool in Bus Eireann, in a some what disarray state to when I seen it pictures from acquisition in approximately 2002. Although not great then, I am somewhat surprised to see its now condition.

Re: Re: Scrap Bus pics up

The majority of vehicles present are all for scrap. There is even a stack of low floor Deenis Darts there for scrap (minus engines/gearboxes).

Problem is, most of the big bus operators like First & Stagecoach have a scrap only policy, so they get punted off to the breakers under the agreement that they have to be broken and not resold on.