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Re: Re: 1864 and 17XX Bedfords

While I am not the total expert I don't think any 17XX Bedfords did go to Bus Eireann but perhaps someone else would either correct me or agree.

For that matter what is the difference between a 17XX and a 18XX?

Michael Grimes

1868 and 17XX Bedfords

The following BA class Bedford were from the 17xx series:

BA1 1727
BA2 1739
BA3 1745
BA4 1746
BA20 1744
BA21 1800

BA1,20, 21 were late survivors but none survive. They had the older style front end which was their main physical difference.

BA6 was indeed totally devoid of all seat cushions when I collected it but over the last couple of years I have put together a full set that I came across from various sources. But thanks for the offer anyway Michael.

Re: 1868 and 17XX Bedfords

Thanks for the information Simon. It's just a pity none survive.