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Ulsterbus arrivals

Can i ask what plans the Museum have for the 4 Leopards and two Tigers please from Ulsterbus

What we intend for our Ulsterbus Leopards and Tigers

The answer to your question as to what we will do with the Ulsterbus arrivals is that we do not really know.

However, there are certain parameters which we will make our decision on.

Firstly, 337 and 338 will be preserved in full operational condition and known as the Leopard twins. 337 is the last Leopard ever built and is in superb condition as is 338 which had a lot of work done on it.

Then when we look at the two early Leopards we have, namely 1925 and 1968, the seating in these was in appalling condition thanks to Bus Eireann. Our thinking therefore is for 319 to be converted to a camper and 326 used for spares, giving us two excellent sets of seats for use in 1925 and 1968, but this is only thinking at the moment. We also have a need for seats for BA 5. However, until we assess the exact seat situation no decision will be made.

With regard to the Tigers 385 will be preserved in full operational condition. 340 may end up as a source of spares as we are expecting more Tigers soon. This decision in turn depends on an assessment of our large Tiger fleet, which, in turn, depends on how many more Tigers we get so do not expect any immediate decision.

It is of course very sad to break any vehicle but one must look at the long term. While Leopards and Tigers are interchangeable mechanically it is very important in preserving Ulsterbus vehicles to make sure the interiors are original and this can well mean taking the seats from a later vehicle as Ulsterbus seats cannot be sourced otherwise.

If anyone has any views they will be welcome so lets hear what you think.

Equally can anyone tell us what Ulsterbus Leopards are preserved.

Hope this gives some sort of answer to your question.

Michael Grimes