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Loss of Leyland Tiger IID 888

As is noted on the main board we sadly have lost Leyland Tiger IID 888 which was totally destroyed by fire in Cork northside.

It appears you cannot leave a bus anywhere while you go and get a bite to eat anymore. It is so sad as she was a beautiful machine. Photos are on main page.

We are hoping to salvage the engine and gearbox and axle but there is little else left.

The only consolation is that the same week, thanks to John Quirke we received another beautiful Volvo Tiger.

Michael Grimes

Re: Loss of Leyland Tiger IID 888

Thats brutal to hear. I think BE also lost a bus in the south side about this time last year - burnt by vandals.

Re: Re: Loss of Leyland Tiger IID 888

We, at the Gifford Transport Group, have also suffered losing a bus to fire in the last week.

We have lost Edinburgh CT 'Tiger Cub' No: 80, which was in the workshop under restoration, when the workshop went up in flames. This s real sad as the owners had stripped the down to the frames and painstakingly were in the process of rebuilding it back up (at considerable cost). I believe it was also able to finally move under it's own power at last for the first time in 20 odd years before the fire.

Not got much details on whether it was foul play or not, and have not been up to see the remains, so unable to comment further, either way it is a tragic loss.