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This is a particular thread for
(a) Those who want to post under other peoples names
(b) Those who want to post scurrilous messages
(c) Those who do nothing for the museum other than criticise
(d) armchair generals

Please use it for the next two weeks but because of the fact that both museum staff and contributors to this column are having postings allegedly in their name when they are not, I am introducing - with the greatest regret - a vetting system on all e-mails on my return from the railways of Ecuador.

What is upsetting is that 99% of our contributors have something useful to say, whether it is opinion or helping us on a vehicles history or whatever and we really welcome these people only to have it destroyed by one or two nutcaes. It has to stop.

If however, nothing nasty is posted while I am away then I will leave the present system.

It is very sad that this has to be done and it could only happen in Ireland. This website is read all over the world, we are a professional museum and like to think that we are one of the biggest and best in Europe. We have to try and show that we are professional.

So either the spurious and nasty messages stop or on my return we will put in vetting which will not affect regular contributors but will put a stop once and for all to the current nutcases trying to destroy the board.

Michael Grimes - and it really is me!