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Its getting rather cramped here in our one room house and only one computer between us!

As can be seen we are once again suffering from someone with spurious messages coming from three of us allegedly. It would appear that we all live in the one room and have only one computer so we are getting rather crowded!

Can I once again appeal to whoever is doing it to behave like a decent human being and take his frustrations out somewhere else. The only answer is to filter all postings but this takes time and work but I can assure him that it will certainly work. but why does he want to spoil everyone elses contributions?

I need hardly repeat that Francis Dempsey has done more for the museum than anyone else and that museum is most grateful to him and it hurts us to see people making nasty postings under his name. He has been the source of more valuable vehicles than anyone else and without his contributions the museum would be nowhere near where it is today. Francis has indeed put his money where his mouth is and has spent far more time and money helping us than readers would ever dream of.

So please, please post under your own name and stop using the names of people who really help the museum. It is very, very, unfair. Most people have a stroke of decency in them. Alas this person does not appear to and seems only intent on wrecking the forum. Please stop. Many people get enjoyment out of it. Why do you want to wreck it?

Michael Grimes