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I'm wondering what the status for the former Dutch buses 1178/1179 is. And does your museum have 2 former Dutch buses? Or just one?

I can provide pictures in which they are in their original state (blue Nefkens).

Keep up the good work, I'm already thinking of visiting your museum once to see for myself what great collection you have. (can't find an exact location of the place though).

Harald, The Netherlands

Re: 1178/1179 - They are excellent.

Yes, Harald, we have both 1178 and 1179 in superb condition though we suspect 1178 may need a ring job soon as she is using a little oil but it is no problem at the moment. It is very difficult with a 680 engine - and more difficult with a Gardner - to tell if blue smoke is nornmal or not! They are both on the button. To really be sure she needs a long run which we might do this summer.

We would very much appreciate photos of them in their earlier days.

We would be delighted to see you here in Cork and there is daily - and sometimes twice daily - service on Aer Lingus for as little as €100 return if you book in advance.

I am sure we could arrange to pick you up at the airport and arrange accommodation.

Let us know when you have in mind and give us reasonable notice. The same applies to your Dutch friends. Maybe we should have a Dutch weekend!

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: 1178/1179 - They are excellent.


I see an inconsistency in data..... if you have bodynr. den Oudsten-5880 and chassisnr. 505405, then you indeed have Nefkens 48. This bus was registered in the Netherlands with 89-29-NB. Or do you have paperwork showing that your registration in NL was 30-09-PB?

Are there any plans to restore one of the busses to the initial Nefkens layout? That would really be something!!! Seat layout for both busses was: 32seats, 48 standing places.

1178/1179 - We may have wrong reg numbers

Dear Harald:

Your comments have me puzzled.

We got our information from some of your colleagues in the Netherlands and not having any knowledge took them as gospel.However when in the depot over the weekend I will check the body numbers but I do remember when I drove her across on the ferry from the UK, I had a small problem with customs as we could not find any chassis plate.They told me take her anyhow as they know the museum but it does raise an interesting question.

Do you have any idea where the body plate usually is on those machines?

I will try again and report back here on the discussion board but help as to where the plate is would be appreciated.

Michael Grimes