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Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

nfortunately i dont have any pictures of those two which, like quite a few other KTM vehicles, are not based in Cork but at other secure storage facilities.

The only pics i have are of the stuff at the main base at Cork, where i spent most of my time working while i'm over, although i do recall a breif visit somewhere where i noticed a near immaculate vehicle similar in shape to KD70, but not sure if this was KD156 or not as no visible ID was on it.

Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

As you may know KD156 is stored in Louth Commercials, in outside storage. You should also know that Michael Grimes is based in Cork, quite a journey to travel from Cork to Louth and back just for a few photos.

You should also be aware that visitors, & preservationalists aren't allowed wonder around Louth Commercials taking pictures and what not. This is for their and the vehicles security. With the current security precautions in Louth Commercials it wouldn't be possible for anyone other than LC staff to get photos unless Michael Grimes was to go up himself.

Re: Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

i was speaken with michael on sunday on kd 156 i offered to pick this bus up and move celbridge from there to cork he is to get back to me on arrangements . if you see on dublin bus .cc the feature on aerdart you can see kd 156 parked up .

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

kd156 still be there!! does kells own kd70?

Re: hello

the answer is no kells do not own kd 70 answers on post card to this board only grimes has junk the day he builds shead the sky will open. it,s local junk yard to get rid of stuff as he say will except junk at the right price no offers refused .just leave out side the gate and we will take in and call it perservation thats joke...........