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Re: R 913


KD156 is in LC.......Explain.............

R913 is in poor condition from a recent photo I was given it is clear to anyone. Front missing and paint peeling.

Brian Griffin

Re: Re: R 913

if you're really that concerned get off your **** and do something about it. Kells Transport museum do great work, and you can't deny that they don't look for help. On many occassions Mr. Grimes has asked for, both here and on his site, for help from anyone who is interested. Or even just for people to pay a visit. If you really care that much about R913 get off your **** and do something about it. Im sure Kells would be delighted to have you help if you were interested.


I expect that my comment will be deleted due to the nature of it, but hopefully mr. griffin will get to read it first.

Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

I was just trying to figure out why Brian Griffin thought R 913 was so terrible and I reread his message and he said the front was missing and the paint peeling. All I can say is that ignorance is a wonderful thing for the following reason.

Of course, the front is missing. If you read this site when we drove R 913 to Cork, at or around Durrow, she developed a sound which we did not like. Having Ballyraggett depot five miles away it was sensible to pull her in there. As we did not have the facilities to do anything there we decided as a matter of prudence to tow her to Cork.

When you have a tow truck - we have three of them now, not to mention our 290 HP MV6 - and a vintage machine, if there is even a suspicion of anything wrong then you tow it, as to drive it could cause irreparable damage.

Now in order to tow a vehicle you have to take the front off and it only just occurred to me that we have many vehicles minus their fronts at the depot - the fronts are actually inside the vehicle, as are the half shafts in most cases - people who know nothing about the subject will think the vehicle is badly damaged. I have to admit that a vehicle minus its front does look manky but there is little I can do about that. And as for the peeling, believe it or not that is mud splatters! There is nothing wrong with her paintwork.

Now when 913 came to Cork we also discovered that in her service history she had had a prang which was not fully rust proofed in the repair so we have decided to do up the front. We are leaving the front off so we can tow her around the yard easily.

We have also discovered delaminations in the fibre glass and for that reason are looking at a new front. Does anyone know where we can get a St. Helens front? We think it would be a better job to replace the front rather than try and cure the fibreglass as in those days it was not the exact science it is today and delamination was all too common and when you fix one part, another shows the problem!

But if anyone thinks or imagines we are going to keep the front on buses we are working on so as to please people who never come near the museum and only criticise then you can forget it.

Now I would be the first to admit a good buffing and polish would have her sparkling but we have no spare labour so if an armchair general would like to come and help he would be most welcome. 913 is absolutely as new bodywise with one minor exception for which we would be grateful for advice.

On that model R the rear platform starts to sag with service. 913 is starting to suffer from the same problem but there is no visible evidence of the reason. Has anyone out there experience of this problem and what was done to cure it? We would be grateful.

So that is the history of R 913 to date and I never realised that armchair generals rarely know anything about buses. I always gave them some credit for knowlegd but as I said in the title "Ignorance is Bliss!".

Michael Grimes

Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!


R913 is on Ross Aitkens' dated Feb06'. It looks terrible. Mud stains, yer right!! A more recent photo shows it looking like its been out in the elements for years. How's this a museum?

Another site shows KD156 in LC looking poorly.. (very renent)Please tell me why..?

Im just saying what I see.

Im not in Denial of the facts Michael and this is not a personal attack..

Brian Griffin
Tuam Co.Galway

Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

When the photo's of R913 were taken on Feb 06, it had just arrived in the yard behind the tow truck and was reversed into position - this is why the front is clearly missing (it is inside the bus)

As for the photo's,

1): Photo's were taken in poor light, which i had to try and lighten up to at least bring out some detail. Unfortunately, in order to bring out detail, this has caused colouring in some parts to look a bit funny.

2): When R913 was taken to Ballyraggett, the only available space for storage was outside storage and was adjacent to a treeline. Unfortunately, with the trees depositing their crap over R913, this has caused a slight coating of slimy residue on some parts of the bus - easily removed with a good wash which it has since had after that visit.

3): When R913 was towed from Ballyraggett to Cork, the right of way (dirt-track road) out of the yard there was like a mud bath as it had been raining heavily the night before, therefor R913 did get splattered with mud on the way out.

Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

KD156 and M212? The only two buses not photographed recently?? Any pics??

Brian Griffin
Tuam Co.Galway

Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

nfortunately i dont have any pictures of those two which, like quite a few other KTM vehicles, are not based in Cork but at other secure storage facilities.

The only pics i have are of the stuff at the main base at Cork, where i spent most of my time working while i'm over, although i do recall a breif visit somewhere where i noticed a near immaculate vehicle similar in shape to KD70, but not sure if this was KD156 or not as no visible ID was on it.

Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

As you may know KD156 is stored in Louth Commercials, in outside storage. You should also know that Michael Grimes is based in Cork, quite a journey to travel from Cork to Louth and back just for a few photos.

You should also be aware that visitors, & preservationalists aren't allowed wonder around Louth Commercials taking pictures and what not. This is for their and the vehicles security. With the current security precautions in Louth Commercials it wouldn't be possible for anyone other than LC staff to get photos unless Michael Grimes was to go up himself.

Re: Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

i was speaken with michael on sunday on kd 156 i offered to pick this bus up and move celbridge from there to cork he is to get back to me on arrangements . if you see on dublin bus .cc the feature on aerdart you can see kd 156 parked up .

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: R 913 : Oh, Ignorance is Bliss!

kd156 still be there!! does kells own kd70?

Re: hello

the answer is no kells do not own kd 70 answers on post card to this board only grimes has junk the day he builds shead the sky will open. it,s local junk yard to get rid of stuff as he say will except junk at the right price no offers refused .just leave out side the gate and we will take in and call it perservation thats joke...........