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A special Welsh welcome will await all friends from over in Ireland who have time to attend our Heartlands Transport Festival on the weekend of 7-8 July at Blackwood near Caerphilly and less than 20 minutes from the M4 motorway.

We have a lot going on, a bus running day and cvalcade to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the former Caerphilly UDC and Bedwas & Machen UDC motor bus departments, the forunners of the current Islwyn Borough Transport.

For lorry owners a great road run starting in Newport with the vehicles crossing the historic 100 year old transporter bridge which is a treat in itself.

We hope a few of you will take a break and come over and if you can bring a bus, that would be fantastic.

Don't take my word for it, please take a few minutes to look at our new dedicated website.


This sounds really good. I'll be over there for 2 weeks on the saturday (7th) so hopefully I'll get down. I presum it can't be too far from holyhead? or pwhelli which is where we stay.

Many thanks for the invite Ill certainly there


I am afraid that Blackwood is in the South, but not so bad if you have a car with you, otherwise I think it is difficult on public transport from Pwlhelli. Sorry for negative reply !


Have the car alright would it be far too far too far to drive? or how many hours a journey would it be??


Of course it depends on your driving, but I think it would take up to three hours due to there not being a direct route, so for one day, possibly not worth it in reality although we would like to have you along.