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Last Fleetline destroyed

It is now confirmed that the last Daimler (Leyland) Fleetline built was one of the casualties at Nottingham. It was new in December 1981 as South Notts no.117 (SCH 117X) and carried special badges from new to hightlight its historic status.

A number of "last of types" have been preserved such as the last Leyland Titan and last AEC Regent however in just one morning we lost the last Fleetline and Albion Lowlander.

Re: Last Fleetline destroyed

That really is terrible news. Just goes to show how easily history can be lost. And a terrible shame even more so for the people who looked after them. And hopefully a nasty accident for the arsonists.

Re: Re: Nottingham Transport Centre fire

Needless to mention our sympathy goes to those in the Nottingham Transport Centre Fire. It is one thing that scares the hell out of us, namely arsonists. I do not know what the answer in this modern world is as there are scumbags out there who will destroy a lifetime of work and in many ways are no different to the person who is trying to destroy this discussion forum.

If Simon Lang reads this and if they have had Atlanteans destroyed I am sure we would consider donating one of our Nottingham Atlanteans to them to help them. All ours are in good nick and would need very little work and would certainly drive over.

But nothing can repair the damage caused and the terrible thing is that money is no use. These vehicles are priceless and cannot be replaced. As someone who has suffered badly from vandalism they have my complete sympathy. Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Re: Nottingham Transport Centre fire

This is dreadful news, and a constant worry for any preservation group/preservationalist. And sadly it is unpreventable, as scumbags will find a way to destroy anything no matter how secure it is.

Sympathies from the Motor Vehicle Preservation Society of Ireland go to the Nottingham Transport Center.

Re: Nottingham Transport Centre fire

Just to add to the details above a full list of the buses destroyed is now known. A 1970 Nottingham Leyland Atlantean was also destroyed as was a Plaxton bodied Bedford. An AEC Reliance that was held for spares also met its end. The Nottingham AEC Renown was particularly rare as it had a full height body (most Renowns were fitted with low height bodies)and was one of only two survivors to this specification,I was emailed a photo of the remains which consists of the bonnet area while all that remains of the body is the pillars and a heap of twisted seat frames. Although the Albion Lowlander was very severely damaged there is a very faint glimmer of hope that it could be saved by a major rebuild, most of the damage is to the upper deck.