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Re: Apologies to Paul Haughey - You Have Been Duped

my site contains photos of jeff thompsons leopards and the other member of the bus preservation group,


i had a forum/message board for a few weeks that i closed a few this period of time, there should be a syatem that always the moderator to read posts then put them online,

Re: Apologies to Paul Haughey - You Have Been Duped

I suppose the only way to prevent/stop these people in their tracks is to summons a site-wide IP ban. This will stop their internet connection IP from gaining access to the forum and if applicable the main website also.

I'm pretty sure in the admin panel of this forum there would be a feature to ban IP's of spammers and banned or unruley members. If not Bravenet would be able to do it upon request.

I have seen many preserved Ulsterbus vehicles, and all are at a high 110% standard. It is a true dedication and love affair that ABPG have for their vehicles. And a moral to show what is achieveable with some hard work and elbow grease.

There seems to be something about the Irish preservation scene, many people seem to be set out to tear the enthusiasm apart at the seams. It seems they have some mental illness that they can't just keep their mouths shut...


Thanks to Aaron for suggestion

Unfortunately it is not as simple as it seems. This nut case manages to use a different IP address every time so as fast as I ban one then he uses another.

My web service provider inform me that the only way to cure the problem is to have all e-mails sent directly to the museum e-mail and then have them posted which means a lot of extra work.

It looks like I will have to do this which is unfair to all you good people who post genuine and helpful messages. For the moment the answer seems to eliminate the uwanted messages when they arrive by careful monitoring but once again I would appeal to whoever is causing the problem to behave like a decent person and stop it.

Michael Grimes