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My absence.

It is sad to note that while I have been away that still some people with warped minds are putting on postings which have nothing to do with the museum.

At this stage I will not even waste my time commenting on what kind of minds must inhabit these people but I will say that I am grateful for the support of people who have posted such support.

I think Aaron Donohue summed it up in his message in which he said that they had no interest in preservation, did nothing but were quite happy to criticise others.

We at the museum welcome everyon e to visit and if some of these begrudgers want to come and see us, by all means and it might help them to discover what tremendous work is being done by the people in the museum.

Anyhow I am back and while I was away work has been going on at a tremendous pace and details will follow on the main page. We have a lot of interesting acquisitions planned over the next few months.

I will keep all readers posted.

Michael Grimes

Re: My absence.

Great to hear you're back, keep things under control again! And well done aaron! It's 100% true, people criticise without actually knowing whats going on. Both yourslef and the MVPSI, and Micheal and KTM are doing fantastic work which will be greatly appriaciated by many in the future.