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Updated my website

Hi all,

Just added some 'kitten fodder' to my website from my visit over to the KTM when i brought the Leyland Olympian over.

Garage Cat.

76 C 1017

Just to clarify the caption for 76 C 1017. This is a Plaxton Supreme III bodied Bedford YMT new to Pemberton & Lord of Folkestone as no.3. It was new in August 1976 and registered PKJ 714R.

Probably a future Kells acquisition, it is still owned and in use with Bus Ministry in Cork and is parked daily on Pope's Quay. Parking is kindly provided by Kells Transport Museum and I have a similar arrangement in place with this Christian group in Co. Leitrim where one of their Leyland Tigers is parked awaiting sign writing and transfer to Athlone.

Simon Lang

Re: 76 C 1017

888 IID Is the Current Bus parked on Popes Quay 76C1017 Acts as a Spare Bus when this one is out of Action.

Re: 76 C 1017

Thanks for that update on this vehicle, i'll ammend the log in my photograph database then ammend the site.

Ross Aitken