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Im a big fan of the KDs and Van Hools (70s), have many of these survived to today?

Re: KD

There are a handfull of survivors of the KD's. Out of 366 only around 5 or 6 survive, mainly as they were rotting away from day 1.

Thankfully their single deck equivilant has a healthy brotherhood, mainly as when Dublin Bus were finished with them and passed them onto Bus Éireann they got a second lease of life on school duties, enabling them easier to acquire for preservation.

The 'standard' D/DF's and the Van-Hool D/DF's have survived also, in fact there were three in operation with Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann up until recently. DF450 'molly' was the Ghost Bus and is now used as a back up for it's younger sister RH32, D454 and DF795 are both open toppers with Bus Éireann.

In fact KTM have two Van-Hools, and two KD's!