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Pic of KD70 on my website

Hi all,

I have uploaded a recent pic of KD70 up into my fotopic website (http://laidbach901.fotopic.net).

Look under the
'Visit to the Transport Preservation Trust, Beith - 12th Nov 2006'
to find the pic.

Pat Magroyne (aka Ross Aitken)

Re: Pic of KD70 on my website

ross can i ask why you are going under nother name ?

Re: Pic of KD70 on my website

why ross are you going under nother name as david asked .

Re: Re: Pic of KD70 on my website

Long story, but what i have found is that some places are a bit iffy, especially breakers yards, about you taking photographs on their premises and posting them to the internet as they would rather prefer you to keep the photo's you take to yourself. Therefor by putting the site under a different name and taking out traces of my own namem it allows me that bit more freedom of turning up at a place as Ross Aitken then posting pictures to my site under an alias.

Also i have been doing a bit different photography recently as well, lets just say with a few models, so again by removing my name from my site, it helps hide my anorak side from them if they decide to try and find 'Ross Aitken' on the internet only to find i'm more prevailant in photographing transportation that models - this can actually put them off working with you.

However, i did make a logo up in my actual name as well, which i will use in the future when/if i revert the site back to my own name, but for the time being i want to keep my 'anorak' photography separate from my own name for the reasons i described above.

Why not try a search for 'Ross Aitken', especially on yahoo, and you can see how bad my name shows up on transportation pics (esp railways) as it is.

Ross Aitken

Re: Re: Re: Pic of KD70 on my website

There is also two pics of VS215 on my website further down the page at:

Decided to re-instate the 'Garage Cat' title to my site, without any traces of my actual name mentioned on the site. I can still hide behind this title.