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Hello all, I have owned several air cooled over the years but all had 1600cc engines. I recently bought my daughter a 1200cc 1956 6volt beetle. I drove it 1.5 hours home and although it ran great the hills were harder to climb than I expected. An old VW shop suggested I try to find a Judson. I found a seller but I'd like to hear some... "oh by the way" surprised I might be in store for if I get it. The engine is of unknown age but the number is a recycle and a D. No numbers other than that. It is a 1200. Some thoughts... how fast does a Judson age? Can I expect to have to rebuild it after 1 yr, 2 etc. On an older engine is there any danger week parts to watch for that a Judson might exaggerate? Is there any type of air filtration with the Judson? It's being fixed up for my daughter (15). Any worries about extra maintenance that concern anyone. What are the drawbacks? How do they do in the winters. I live in North Carolina so it's not much of a concern but I'm wondering. Any surprises out there that you all didn't realize you would run into. Availability of rebuild parts if needed in the future?
Thanks for all the help in advance!

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