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Re: choke cable extension

Quote: Bill Combs
Thank you for your kind reply. I had found the information in the Samba. I guess there are no original extensions out there. Could not find the Ghia Girl web site, so no luck there in being able to order a longer cable. However I did find a cable made by Vintage Parts ( and am now trying to determine if their Ghia cable is any longer than the Bug cable.
Also, you can't imagine how helpful your Registry site has been in getting my Judson installed properly.
Thanks again, Bill Combs, Lexington, KY, USA


KGPR are out of stock at the moment but if you want to find a Ghia choke cable here are the details: Part# 141 711 501 - Choke cable - 4095mm long.
BTW. If you get the longer one you might find it easier to simply extract the inner wire leaving the outer sheath in place and threading the new one through the sheath.

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