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beale cipher # 1

alright.... while i admit, i can not, at this time, absolutely discredit your "findings", nor your cracking the cipher, i can tell you that by only posting a PORTION of what you have CLAIMED to decipher, and not even posting the MOST IMPORTANT document that was USED to break the first cipher, you have done MUCH more to discredit you story than ANYONE else EVER could.

let me just say this: being the logical person that i am, i can EASILY say that, if ANYONE posting here had HALF a brain, they would bring up the point, "hey, mr. liar-pants, how could you not have time to say: 'the document used to break the cipher is (insert document's name here)', yet you have time to respond to people nay-saying your 'discoveries'?"

hmmmm..... yea, if anyone had asked that, they'd have a **** good ******* point...

so, here's what i think EVERYONE who has come here would LOVE to know: 1: the title of the document used; 2: if it's a fairly obscure document, then a description of said document, as well as the place one could find it and decipher it ON THE INTERNET, because obviously, not all towns in the world have access to copies of obscure documents, but MAN does the net!; and finally, 3: until this information is provided, and can be either verified, or discredited, i think we'd all LOVE to see you eat some humble ******* pie.

thanks, and much love,

me. ;D

Re: beale cipher # 1

exactly. If the code were broken and the site found there would be no reason to hide its methods.
Its all a big scam.

Re: beale cipher # 1

This isn't a scam.... sham or a shifty plan!
It never fails to amaze me that Nobody seems to notice the SCRAP OF PAPER that is posted on this website.
Dan Cole used this Scrap Of Paper to unlock a grid cipher........ Cipher One is NOT A BOOK CIPHER.
Cipher One was originally written in a Masonic Ritual Format then encoded within a grid cipher.
A Masonic Ritual consist of ONE, TWO and THREE letter words....... not all letters have the same meaning as with different rituals hence the CIPHER WITHIN A CIPHER.
I would suspect others have unlocked the grid ciphers only to think they must be incorrect when the plain text drops after the first few lines.
Perhaps if just one of them had been a Master Mason then our little adventure may have never happened.