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Letter to Mark Green

Mark Green, You have kept silent for 23 years. I can respect that but must ask if you dliberately misled the public? You said Thm. J. Beall was how Code 1 ends. It was fairly easy to find the last 4 Keys for that signature: 209-4592-229-778. The problem is that 209. Quoting you, "209 is used a total of 9 times in 3 different grids", which makes it a three-peat (209-209-209). But, key all 3 columns of Grid 57 (the CTN grid for CAPTAIN)and you get SCCITTRN, not "Captain". Since all 4 Keys are solos, there is no alternate Key
to apply. The mistake is unalterable. It represents a flat impossibility. But, before I pin the "L" label on you, I owe you a chance to reply. You filled a lot of people with hope and set them slaving away at the code. Was it all for nothing, all just a wonderfully detailed "lovely" lie?