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Decoding Expansion

Expanding J. Crumps solving work, we get:
Nineteen is the distance south. Left on to
Second Point. Two holes in heart of Main
Rocks. Mouth on East Wall. Ground inside is
six feet deep.
Nineteen rods(313 ft)likely pertains to Goose Creek heading south that far from a
Peak of Otter, then(in one spot)branching
eastward("Left"). You proceed along that
branch toward drilled rocks. You ignore
single-hole rocks, put there to confuse,
and align the pair of two-holed rocks so
as to point directly at the East Wall of
the vault itself.Entry is via a hole atop the vault and unseen from ground level.
Inside, the vault was filled with dirt.Re-
move the dirt and you unearth the treasure.
To expand further and complete the message,
I need more input from Crump (source of his
flawed solution) So far, no contact.
PARTING NOTE: The Crump fragment is so very
like Mark Green's, that I have to wonder if
the Crump plaintext and the Green plaintext
and the Beale plaintext aren't all alike.
Holy Trinities, Batman, could this be a case of Solution in Triplicate?

Re: Decoding Expansion

Congrats! YOUR ON TO IT!