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I have been reading alot on the Beale tresure. When I came across your website. You claim to have deciphered the codes. I guess my questions are that of many of the visitors of your site.

1. Masonic rituals were used to decipher the codes?
Was he a mason?

2. Many have tried to decipher the codes. How do you
know you deciphered it correctly? ( I understand
that by following what you had you found a vault
or by what you have found so far an old prospectors
mining camp.

I do not dispute what you have done or what you have found. I hope that you have uncovered the mystery that has went unsolved for so long. But, why would he leave three notes at the same time? Using two seperate methods to decipher them? And the last of these messages saying that he never intended to disclose the location or the key to the treasure site?

Why would he go through the extensive time and trouble to construct a complex cypher for the treasure location if it was one not there and two never intended to give a way to solve the cypher. And, the solved cypher said according to your site that he was not going to send a key and never intended to.

Why would a man go through all of this hard work for nothing? It seems to me he wouldn't do it.

Again I am not trying to say that you and your friends have not solved the riddle. But, I have been interested in tresure hunting for along time and have been doing alot of reading and research not only on treasures but on the mentality of the people of those times and how they did things.

and, the number one thing that I found in my research is that the number one tool that was used from the spaniards to the indians and even american settlers was deception. They would give you details to find a certain spot and when you did you would think I found it and in sense you had reached either the decoy or the actual starting point of where the treasure is.

I understood you are away working so I am a patient person ,but any additional inforamtion that you could give would help my couriousity.

Thank You

Re: Questions?

I need more information plz.

Re: Questions?

Dan was high in the order, Worshipful Master,
32° Scottish Rite, York Rite and ROYAL ARCH MASON.
I have more information concerning his background at my home, I'll try to add that later when I'm not working out of town. I remember him mentioning something about CRYPTIC MASONRY but I'm not sure on that and would have to ask his wife.
Sorry I missed your post, I've been so busy working with my brother all around the country and don't have much time to spend at home and dabble on the internet.
I have been browsing through the post here and to my amazement there is actually good news for a change....... others are decoding solutions that are far from coincidental.

Just a matter of

Royal Arch FreeMasonry; etc.

Dan was somewhat correct; I am also 32nd SR; Royal Arch FreeMason, with EMPHASIS on Treasure Hunting in the 7th degree. From Bedford County; been to Montvale, Va. area, etc; met and listened to the "locals" re. Beale Treasure as a "code" for CSA-related "assets" of weaponry, CSA Treasury - "here & there"... along the mountains (BRP). and along the James River.