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Hi Steven,
Good to see your forum is up and running.
Right now it seems that the more forums we have access to the better.
When "The American Treasure Hunt Society Discussion Forum" went down (for whatever reason) we lost a huge resource.
Hopefully we can band together and retain the community via our combined forums.
I would suggest therefore that we do our utmost to advertise on behalf of one another.
With my own forum currently under threat of closure I'd hate to see the community I've come to know and respect, disband through an inability to find someplace central to congregate.
I think it's time we all got together and put aside whatever petty differences we might have in order to protect the community that we've built up.

Pheww, I didn't realise my soapbox was quite so sturdy! lol

Anyway, congrats on the new forum Paul and thanks for allowing me to air my views!


Re: Beale Treasure found or not !

I have been researching the facts about the tale of the Beale Treasure and I believe the Treasure has not been found yet. I have a good idea where it might be but I will not say at this time untill I go see if I am right in my asumtion of the site. The fact that they found some artifacts does not mean they found all there is to find or that this is the right location. For know I would like to think I have a little time left before someone else finds the loot. For all you out there that think it's over, wate a littil longer to see what comes in any case. I will send a new email after my quest is over.