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DOI finding

I used the 6534-ltr version on C3 and found a solid connection: a 9-ltr word used
twice in the DOI. More info and code numbers coming soon.

Re: DOI finding

I'm looking forward to seeing some actual evidence.

Re: DOI finding

Ive had the keys to the codes since 1997. go on the forum and had a lot of attack thought the hell with it I know what I know. went to Virginia in 2004 twice. ran out code and it took me to where the treasure is.

Re: DOI finding

My only curiosity is location of vault, to see if yours and mine are the same. Mine is based on SLC Genealogy info for 1817 (map). It shows Beale's Pendleton estate in Botetourt Co. at 3 7/8 mi from Bufords and just south of it the iron mine of Col. Rob
Harvey. The ore should be inside the long-abandoned mine (operated per Furnaces of
Botetourt County article from 1810 to 1825. The Bote. Historical Soc. did a small dig there in 1989, so it can be relocated. A full emptying of the mine will be the needed work project. BHS removed an iron ingot and staffers will know just where it is, even though the same page says no trace remains of the old mine.