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Papers not solved- an explanation

The papers haven't been bully solved but this information goes a long with several other claims of having solved the papers for a richer narrative.

Firstly, the cipher keys apply to a number of things but certain things only come out a certain way.

The pamphlet is a masonic allegory about Jesus christ/satan, but there is an aspect of all of our religion we don't reconcile. People don't really know much about who God was. This was all looking for thevgreater soloman the architect and engineer of the future God's husband.

The most sacred and secret name if God was yaheva. This is actually veiled gor yes, shiva is God the Mother peoplevtendvto forget the dgin or genie the making of reality she was looking for her best friend shevus the sun and moon God. And christ said in revelations my father is dead but dreaming. Meaning God the father was alive and on earth and in America.and like my father i will give you the morning star. So as his father would have done he was granting a bride in this case God the Mother was to remarry... her old husband... in the flesh and spirit.

She was married to a human being, though she is the universe. So she manifests, she was married to him through incarnations. Hinduism Jewish. Islam, Christianity all gotogethrr so do all other faiths.

Then they all have hidden data in them. I found out by working the pamphlet out of a desire to figure them out while planning a company aimed at making a difference to our clients and the community while talking to God. I seemingly knew what do do with the papers every time ibtried something with them it usually worked and gave valid information. I got a message outnofbthe nook of job I have fished you, then a conversation about righteousness...

Its crazy.

Re: Papers not solved- an explanation

Crazy is the right word. All you have said is various religious concepts supposedly link with the undeciphered papers, which is spurious given the only solved page has nothing to do with religious thought. You then claim you have figured out some of the papers content, thanks to God. This is vague, unlikely and useless. Please present some actual proof.

Re: Papers not solved- an explanation

It's not spurious at all. It's not also that crazy at all. The papers are divinely inspired. Their actual origins is hard to say for me right now, but they seem to go all the way back to the founding of the country through Thomas Jefferson having penned the first draft of the declaration of independence which was largely unchanged he was a soldier, he also curated/compiled a version of the new testiment that was intended and hoped to ne the most coherentand concise presentation of the gospels through distilling the narative from all of yhe gosples into a singkr fluid narrative, Robert Morris who was a business man and later estsblished the department of treasury, (he was actually an ancestor of mine, later the morris family married into the price family where we had sterlibg price as govenor of missouri and a nothrr price famiky member who aldo served as secretary of treasury. My great grand mother was a Morris and became a price i figure this was the marriage that merged the families)who were founding fathers with the assistance of george Washington military general and 1st president familiar with cryptography ,Benjamin Franklin a spititualist who had a printing press and published a paper with supernatural contents.

The founding fathers a group of free masons were given guidance as to creating a plan to hedge this country against corruption of the overly powerful or people in proposed authority , treason and tyranny.

The papers contain a lot of information buy as far as treasures go, everyone is going to have to settle for mostly a story about treasure. This pamphlet is a bunch of different things. Mostly a masonic allegory about jesus/satan/God Ayin/Shiva their incarnate husband who is the incarnate Father God married to creation, the universe, God Shiva and Lilith, etc. Intending to save the country, the world, the universe, God the the mother Shiva/Lilith/Ayin and our incarnate bride whom we have taken and for Lilith to be manifested and be married to us as well to live a normal(ish) human life and actually have a family and children her self.

The papers are mostly an admission of guilt. Firstly you are supposed to gather thst the story serves a number of purposes and conveys a number if different pieces of information. Firstly the names are similarly of founding fathers. The 30 members of his party represent the signatories of the declaration of independence etc.

That's how people were supposed to figure out why the doc was used etc.

I'm going to be dealing with this issue of handling the contents of these papers personally. They were really only meant to be solved by one person. Or only expected to be truly solved and all "prizes" given to a single person. Not that there weren't a number of other things to find for other people to reveal to the community and the world about the mining the crooked practices murders greed etc.

I have tentatively solved the papers there are all kinds of hidden things in there. The latest version was made in like 1960 sonething on a xerox copier computer and formated with fonts and all kinds of stuff a lot more than was possible at the alleged time of the papers release. The statements about the library of congress were circled with a ball point pen.

I was able to sort out removing the gilgory encoding from the 1st vand 2nd ciphers which are actually in my opinion keys. I've found a social security number from wyoming which is where I was born. I found account numbers of some kind and several messages seemingly from God pertaining to situations that are actually happening in my life and she refers to our "psychosis", we're psychicly linked together, she never told me how to do the papers, I just seemingly always had sone idea about what things meant and how things might have applied.

To be honest of the main part om almost done of the rest like it's proving grounds as much omss its a training grounds. Cause this goes into decoding the various scriptures of the world and stuff like that.

The treasure is to preserve human life and God's happiness.

Being the greater solemn man is a precalculated know factor in advance by God that I had trouble or reluctance understanding and accepting of myself and if my situation. And it's a story of job situation right now, something eluded to in the pamphlet.

I don't feel very loved, by anyone that I feel important except my mom and even thsts hard to tell but also not even God. I'm homeless my brother is an evil rapist and more who destroyed my family and God isn't going to fix any of it. I regret my life and my relationships in a world and experience I've been through trying to do all the right things as much as I can manage and having lived God my whole life and trying to be meditated on faith and God and trying to understand the greater being of God andvrelstionshipz and having loved 1 person for 19 years and that person bring turned against me and raped by my brother and God seemingly ab

Re: Papers not solved- an explanation

If any of what you say about your personal circumstances are true, I am sorry for you and wish you a better future.

Regarding the translation of the documents, the long rambling diatribe you presented proves nothing. Indeed, most of what you have said has no relation to the Beale papers beyond being a particularly fanciful conspiracy theory. The mention of the papers containing modern details such as social security numbers and bank accounts make it even more ridiculous as the Beale pamphlet was published in 1885. Whereas social security numbers did not exist until 1936 and modern bank account numbers, with routing codes, were only implemented in 1910.

You said you have cracked the cipher(s) and know what the papers say but that it's reserved for only one person which happens to be you. If this is really the case, then why did you bother posting anything on here to begin with? What was the point of sharing your revelation when you can't/won't share any of the details/proof?

Re: Papers not solved- an explanation

The papers are actually pretty self explanatory. Mostly completely all inclusive with very little supporting documentation from other sources.

The thing is it technically has a bunch of endings. It almost always seemingly produces something for people, but for the most part it's a story, an adventure, often exciting but most usually filled with a fair bit of disappointment and a lot of wasted time involved.

The papers describe a lot of different scenarios that A) happened already and are historical, B) were things that were outlining things that would happen in the future. Like how people would handle their failures in ever finding this treasure that it claims is out there. Things like people neglecting their families and more Worthwhile ventures. Writing and trying to sell books to recoup losses from time spent trying to decode all of this stuff.

There is a lot of information presented in the papers that people just gloss over but to be fair it was it was a gentle suggestion that people were going to miss which would I would assume lead people to the Bible and decoding the book of job amongst others like revelations.

Things like the cover page being marked 3 like trinity. The front page is a fair look alike for the from page of this 1821 Bible I saw once with the knot of the trinity or Tiamat.

Beale being a handsome swarthy man with black eyes, the description of his behaviors. His request and ultimately the cause presented. It's a test for man kind and morality as well as what kind of things a person will commit themselves to, what a man will hold more valuable or more important in more than just a moralistic sense but still I guess it is just purely moralistic, kinda does one ever stop to to think that the crazy guy talking to you about God might have a point in saying that the papers are just 1 thing in a series of things Free Masons in our government starting at the foundations of the founding of this nation did in a preparation to find the great Judge ,architect, engineer, etc.

Like in looking at our money... there is like way to much going on there for me to even want to explain that is encoded into it. Cicada 3301 is another situation like the beale papers. There are also some strange websites all over the internet that strangely Shiva inspired and they are kinda creepy as shot, but it's the same thing.

Delving into and revealing the various mysteries of God and God's creation. There is a lot of stuff encoded into a metric shot ton of aticmquities art, literature, number systems, languages, etc.

This all was a forensic analysis sorta situation way beyond the presentation of the papers and what people were going to end up seeing in it.

Most all people went looking for treasure and strangely everyone was a "cryptology expert". Claims like that are kinda, I unno misleading, I mean who is really a crypto expert anyhow... my 6 and 8 year old nephews can be taught cryptography and I can claim them experts afterward I don't think it would be a lie, really.

I'm a 9th grade dropout, strangely I'm a former forensics and digital forensics specialist and server/network security administrator for one if the largest hosting companies in the world, hacker since my youth in the late 90s, engineer, software, electrical, etc, et al.

I'm autistic, I was diagnosed back in the 80s before they called it autism by an air force specialist like a behavioral doctor or something. I'm sorta a mega savant but like umm I'm just really OK at every thing I do but like I cab pretty much understand anything that is explained to me because I came into contact with enough stuff passively or actively to give Me the basis to just be able to work with just about any and all kinds if information functionally.

Firstly Noone ever really figured out the opener to the papers then like the reason why it was the declaration of independent, or like really any other thing that the papers were talking about. Everyone went a million different directions trying to do a million different things with the papers and keys which I mean the papers said people would do that it was sort of implied but I mean they could have done something different like I unno trying to decode the papers?

This might not sound the way I intended let me restate... decode the papers.... like I said it's all inclusive. Firstly they keys are encoded. The second key is the most important for a lot of reasons. The pamphlet has rules, it explains them. It was posed as an ARG alternate reality game in the last revision of the papers or what ever.

A Joe priest or priest or something being the last ward or custodian of the papers.

The number 1885 is actually 1776 or 7185 or 7685 or some jazz like that but the reality is 1337 is the number I come to as to being elite, which is italicized in the papers.

Plus that number at the bottom of the first page is someone standing next to a cross with three blobs like planets or for wise

Re: Papers not solved- an explanation

The papers are not self explanatory at all. All you've done is write another rambling, incoherent wall of text drawing a dozen different unrelated concepts into a ridiculous conspiracy laden religious rant. It's now clear to me that you are mentally ill and have nothing serious to contribute to this discussion. Please get some help.

Unless you can actually show decoded papers and the methods you used to do so I shall consider your contributions void and will not engage with you further.